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Nutrition and Health

Obesity is a serious and complex issue that requires the efforts of individuals, health professionals, businesses and government to solve.

Our industry understands that obesity is a global concern and we are committed to working alongside business, individuals, academia, government and community organizations to develop workable solutions to the obesity epidemic. While beverages and food play a role in determining good health, so do three main factors: genetics, diet and exercise.

No Silver Bullet in Solving Obesity

There is no silver bullet in solving the obesity issue in the U.S. Weight gain is primarily the result of an imbalance of energy—too many calories consumed versus calories expended. Since people consume many different foods and beverages, no single food or beverage is responsible for people being overweight or obese. But all calories count, whatever food or beverage they come from, including those from our caloric beverages.

Part of a Balanced Lifestyle

Our industry provides many beverage choices in a wide range of calories, all of which can be part of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle. From clear calorie labels on the front of every bottle, can and pack we produce, to smaller portion sizes and innovative new beverages that provide flavor with few– or no– calories, there’s always a simple way to quench your thirst – even while counting calories.

Part of the Solution

Our industry remains committed to being being part of the solution in addressing obesity by supporting and promoting active, healthy living programs in Georgia like Georgia SHAPE and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s Healthy Kids Georgia Initiative.


Drinking fluids is absolutely essential to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Staying hydrated helps control body temperature, provide essential nutrients to our cells, and keep our skin moist.

We can live a healthier life by simply drinking 11-16 cups of fluid per day. The beverage industry helps individuals obtain this goal by providing bottled waters, fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, tea beverages, energy drinks and soft drinks.

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