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How We Contribute 

Our industry is constantly working to further reduce its environmental impact, and that commitment is reflected in a number of ways, including innovative recycling efforts, lightweighting our packaging, using hybrid vehicles and constructing energy efficient buildings.

We care about our impact on the environment and the beverage industry’s operations reflect this in everything we do. Our environmental initiatives are many and varied, and include:

  • Using ‘green’ technology such as solar roofing at bottling plants,
  • Saving energy usage through high efficiency refrigeration technology,
  • Cutting down on energy and materials usage by making our product packaging lighter, and reusing our transportation packaging,
  • Minimizing energy usage and fleet emissions by relying on highly efficient, centralized production and distribution systems for our products,
  • Making it easier for people to recycle by relying on packaging materials that are recoverable in most recycling programs around the country,
  • Reducing the usage of water by incorporating state of the art wastewater treatment and the reuse of process water from manufacturing and distribution facilities,
  • Supporting recycling efforts through our long-standing use of recycled content in aluminum, glass and PET plastic beverage containers, and
  • Promoting recycling efforts with focus group tested consumer awareness campaigns that increase recycling participation and recycling rates.

Environmental stewardship is a critical part of our operating philosophy. Beverage producers have always been environmental leaders and we will continue to innovate and undertake the very best environmental practices to be good to our planet.

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