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Bottled Water

Separating the Facts from Myth

Myth: Most water bottles end up in the waste stream.

FACT: Beverage containers are Georgia’s most recycled packaging and are accepted in virtually all curbside drop-off recycling programs. Bottled water containers account for less than one-third of 1-percent of all waste produced in the United States. However, we do agree that more needs to be done to educate consumers about the importance of recycling.  For more information how we support curbside recycling in Georgia please visit our Recycling page.

Myth: Bottled water is not as safe as tap water.

FACT: Bottled water and tap water are highly regulated. Bottled water is strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which imposes standards for bottled water that are as stringent and protective as those set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for public drinking water systems. All bottled water sold in the U.S. must comply with rigorous federal requirements for safety, quality and labeling.

Myth: The beverage industry uses a tremendous amount of water to make its products.

FACT: Water in a central ingredient in all of our products, but our industry actually uses a minimal amount compared to other industries. Our industry accounts for only 3/100ths of 1-percent of all public water usage — that translates to about one gallon out of every 3,300 gallons withdrawn from ground or water sources.

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